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I'm booking the 2020 season of SYTSEER now and am looking for places that can offer an alternative to the traditional Bar/Night Club venue. As you can see in the SYTSEER VIDEO (on the SOUNDS PAGE), I've played this show with good results at ALT-ART/ PERFORMANCE SPACES and would like to continue to play these kind of spaces. I would like to try out other non-traditional venues as well, e.g. Libraries, Municipal Meeting Halls, Recreation Centers, ? 
I'm also interested in playing in smaller communities, some of which may not currently be served by the touring singer/songwriter bunch, but which may very well have an interest in this sort of entertainment.
  My technical requirements are minimal, as I travel with my own sound, lighting and set. I can modify my set-up to accommodate a wide variety of room sizes and layouts.
It's a good show for all ages and involves a variety of forms, including; SPOKEN WORD, STORIES and SONG. 
I am concentrating on the western U.S. right now, and am currently touring in; NEW MEXICO, TEXAS, OKLAHOMA, COLORADO, UTAH, IDAHO, NEVADA, ARIZONA, CALIFORNIA, OREGON and WASHINGTON, and will expand to other regions as interest in the show dictates.
My touring schedule for 2020 will begin MARCH 1st and continue through OCTOBER.
If you have, or know of places that would be likely candidates for this kind of show, please contact me. I'd love the opportunity to play for your community.
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